Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Last weekend Neil and I took a trip just up the road to our local christmas tree farm. That would be the Northern VT Llama company. Christmas trees AND llamas?? What’s not to love? The snow was drifting down gently from the sky, the llamas and mini-donkeys were frolicking, there was christmas music and hot apple cider. And of course there was the fun of wandering through a field of christmas trees trying to decide which one is the BEST tree! They have lots of reasonable trees and lots of trees that are only useful if you’re:
A) putting up an outside tree
B) have a cathedral ceiling

I’ve always been one to get the BIGGEST tree that will fit in my house. And this year we managed to pick a pretty balsam fir. At 8’5″ it just fits under our 8’7″ ceiling!


And by “just fits” I mean the top is hidden between the exposed beams. But since we don’t have a tree topper that really doesn’t bother me much. We hauled it up the hill to our car all by ourselves. Although we did have to take a few breaks; the hill was steep and that tree was heavy.

Once we were all home and the tree was in the stand I set about making wreaths and other decorations with the extra boughs.

adventwreath snowywreath frontdoorwreath

I got the lights strung that night, but we didn’t decorate the tree until yesterday.


If I’m going to keep this up I may need more decorations. That is, quite literally, every string of lights and every tree decoration I own. Our tree stand holds over a gallon of water, and this tree has been drinking about a full gallon a day! Fresh trees really need a lot of water. I’m hoping this means it won’t start dropping needles everywhere any time soon.


5 responses to “Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

  1. Your tree looks wonderful!
    (You should hear the story our cousin’s husband tells about the tree they bought their first year in the new house. She insisted on the very biggest tree in town (cathedral ceiling, doncha know), which involved going to 3 tree lots and ending up with a tree that was longer than their car. Apparently the ride home was extremely interesting…)

  2. Please feel free to bring home some ornaments from the attic!!

  3. I love your tree and the wreathy thingys you made from the extra branches. Very nice!

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