I’ve had embroidery on the brain recently – which is odd since I don’t actually know how to DO any embroidery… It came up over Thanksgiving when we were talking about our family tree.


See, the tree has been growing for 4 generations – and we’ve just about run out of room.


So we’re discussing making some new trees, to carry on the tradition. But that’ll involve a LOT of embroidery.

I’ve been thinking about embroidery ever since. Then, one of my co-workers was embroidering some wee little fruits on kitchen towels for christmas gifts. I want to try that! Maybe not kitchen towels since ours tend to get ratty fast. Maybe handkerchiefs,* or pillowcases, or tiny christmas ornaments, or trim on a home-sewn skirt! The opportunities seem endless. But like I said, I don’t know how to DO any embroidery. Can you suggest a link? or a book? My co-worker suggested Urban Threads, and while they have some interesting designs they don’t really have any how-to instructions. I do know I want embroidery, not cross stitch – I don’t think I like cross stitch.

There seem to be plenty of embroidery/knitting crossovers. There’s the amazing purple knucks, a mention of crewel embroidery in cast on, Grumperina’s pillows, and even the french knots in Elijah’s eyes. Ok, I do know how to do french knots, as it turns out…

*don’t laugh, I actually USE plain handkerchiefs now. They’re way better then tissues. A) they’re reusable and B) no matter how bad a cold I may have I never get that raw feeling or the red-under-the-nose look. What the tissue companies don’t want you to know is that a nice, cloth handkerchief is better then ANY aloe-impregnated, soft-paper ever could be.


4 responses to “Embroidery?

  1. Great book: http://www.modcloth.com/store/ModCloth/Apartment/Bookstore+Desktop/Embroidered+Effects

    Her website how-to is here: http://www.sublimestitching.com/howto.html

    I’m doing more cross-stich than traditional embroidery these days, but I really enjoy both. Very different type of art than knitting!

  2. Try here – http://quietermoments.wordpress.com/
    She hasn’t posted in a while, but has some brilliant work on display.
    And here – http://inaminuteago.com/stitchindex.html
    Great stitch dictionary!
    I went through a phase of embroidering everything in sight. Still like to look.
    Cuz, ya know, any day now I might get time to take it up again… 8)

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