What knitting content?

I just realized that for a knitting blog there’s been very little knitting content recently! So let’s recap what I’ve got on the needles.

I have this one project, in some pretty red yarn, which will be a christmas present for my mom (hi mom!) She’s reading this, so I won’t tell you any more. But I can tell you about the yarn because I double check all my fibers with her before I start her projects. Mom is a classic example of someone who thought she was allergic to wool. But it turns out she’s not allergic to wool so much as she has sensitive skin. Also she may actually be allergic to some of the chemicals used in commercial processing of wool fabrics. But nice merinos, new wool, and pretty much all the hand-knitting yarns I’ve tested on her have been fine! Case in point, her skin had no issues with this:


Mountain Colors Bearfoot in their rosehip colorway. Even with the mohair content this yarn was ok. Yay!

Another project I can’t tell you about is something I’m working up for Ennea Collective. The mock up version went wonderfully, the pattern is written, the spinning is just about done, the commercial-yarn-substitute version is in progress (which I did have to frog THREE times but I’m over that, mostly) I’m really excited about this project. I wear the first mock-up a lot, so all the people on my bus have gotten sneak-peaks and probably don’t even know it!

There’s even a THIRD project that I can’t really tell you anything about. I did tear my house apart looking for my US6 circular needles this weekend though. Turns out they were cleverly hiding in a project bag from a project I’d finished. Sometimes I think the needles are smarter then I am.

Finally OTN is Neil’s sweater. I’m hoping this will be a christmas gift as well, but Neil knows it’s coming. It’s almost done too! It was completely done last weekend until I tried it on and realized the collar was much more appropriate for a lady then a man. It wasn’t standing up as I’d expected, so I’ve had to frog back the whole yoke and restart it. Also, poor Neil, as soon as he gets his christmas present I’ll have to take it away from him, because it needs to go into Knit Picks for a final check as the pattern will hopefully be published through their IDP program early next year. Apparently I haven’t taken an in-progress photo of this since the first sleeve:


Is that enough knitting? I’m sure I’ll get it finished though. And all the while my brain is stewing on some new submissions that I can’t wait to start swatching! I may submit 4 things to a single issue – an all time high for me. I usually just submit one or two, but I have so many ideas on the go right now. I really wish I had more design time. I have PLENTY of knitting time, but designing requires a computer and some quiet space, and I have a busy couple of weekends ahead of me!


One response to “What knitting content?

  1. That’s a big load of invisible knitting! 8)

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