more yarn!

I’ve finished up the clovers sweater I’m knitting for Neil – if by “finished” you recognize I mean I still haven’t sewn up the arm pits, or woven in any ends, or blocked anything…

colorwork closeup

But at least the knitting is all done! Just in time too, because yesterday when I got home a package was waiting for me!

beaverslide tag

it’s a sweater’s worth of Beaverslide Dry Goods yarn in two colors, wood rose and Chokecherry. I spent a lot of time hugging it and sniffing it and rubbing it on my neck last night. We’re probably all lucky I didn’t try to roll around in it…

beaverslide pink and red

90% merino 10% kid mohair and SO SOFT. This yarn has all my favorite qualities of Bartlett yarn -very similar hand (by which I mean texture, heft, twist, plys, etc) it’s spun very similarly (woolen spun), similar heathered colors, and it seems pretty durable for a merino. But it’s such a soft, soft, squooshy merino! I might be in love, in fact, I might have a new favorite yarn…

And I’ll be knitting Gwendolyn! My friend Amy’s NEVER knit a seamed sweater before. In spite of being a proficient knitter she’s afraid of a little seaming. I believe being able to seam opens up new opportunities! Even if you don’t like it, it’s a skill every knitter should have under their belts. So I volunteered to lead her in a knit-along-of-two for seamed sweaters.* I was planning on choosing something cabled (because – shock – I’ve never knit a fully aran styled sweater) so when she said she was doing Gwendolyn that made my decision easy!

You know what my secret to seaming is? Just fudge it. It’ll work out. And if it looks ugly pull it out and fudge it a different way. This is my secret to most crafts. What’s the worst that could happen? You might ruin the materials and have to buy more. It’s unlikely to break the bank unless you’re taking up silver-smithing or sewing wedding dresses. Most of my crafts look good because I fake it until I get it right. There are totally things I do badly, eventually I just move on. You should see some of my beadwork…

*enabler, pusher, or just bossy?


2 responses to “more yarn!

  1. Your honey’s sweater looks lovely! Will we get to see it on him? And that Beaverslide is scrumptious looking, I’d be rolling around in it too!

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