Embroidery revisited

The title here was almost “now I can blow my nose in Victorian style” but that seemed kinda long.

Over the weekend I did, in fact, get embroidery supplies from my mom.
thread sisscors hoops

She has a basement full of crafty goodness, it’s a wonderful thing!

Then, I set right to work, and made a boring white hanky all pretty.

It’s not perfect, I can see lots of flaws in the stitching, but it sure is pretty!

I used a celtic knot pattern and some leaf images that have lived on my hard drive for years. I transferred them to the hanky using my monitor as a light box. I didn’t have any other transfer supplies (fancy markers, paper, none of that) and necessity = mother of invention after all. I even managed not to mark up or ruin my monitor AND picked a water soluble pen. It was all sheer luck on my part, but I couldn’t have planned it better if I’d tried.


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