Random updates

This is the condition of my brain. Random, scattered. I’m hoping to pull some pieces together tomorrow during my day off while making some apple chutney and (finally!) getting some christmas baking done.

We’ve been living without a stairwell light for 2 years – convinced it was broken. I changed the bulb last week, and now it’s all better. I didn’t even need a step ladder to reach.

This isn’t the first time we’ve thought a fixture was broken, and it turned out to be just the bulb.

I always think I like knitting socks more then I do. Either that or I’m just another knitter suffering second sock syndrome. But I never had second sleeve syndrome or second mitten syndrome…

One major goal for 2011 is to revamp my older patterns. I’m saving up for good pattern layout software right now. Once I have that, I’ll start redoing the layout. In some cases I want to re-write the whole thing, in others I just want new photography. So expect me to talk more about them once I start the process.

I have 3 (three!) patterns close to done right now. Winter light is making the photography really hard.

My friend Calley (from Fat Toad Farm), and I have started thinking about books. We may actually put a submission together pretty soon. I don’t want to say too much and jinx it. But dude, I think we’re pretty awesome, so I think anything we create will be pretty awesome too!

This is going to be the smallest family Christmas ever. One brother is in South Carolina, one is at bootcamp, my younger sister is in New Mexico, my aunt and cousins are all in Florida. That leaves one set of grandparents, me, Neil, my sister and her new husband, and my parents. 8 people total is tiny, when you’re used to 16 PLUS significant others.


One response to “Random updates

  1. Yeah, I started to put the leaf in the table this morning and then realized we won’t need it. Weird!

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