A squooshy embossed diamond hat with a unique garter stitch brim. A plain black hat worked up with plenty of texture; it has enough purl stitches to keep it squishy and a split garter stitch brim. Dunkelipa* is named after a dark IPA beer Neil was brewing up the same day I brewed up the pattern.
folded smile

The brim is split on just one side. I really like wearing it folded up in the front but down in the back to keep my neck warm. Of course you can fold it any way you like – options are good!

main dunkelipa

The purl stitches travel around the body of the hat to create diamonds and at the crown the decreases are worked into the purl ridges that spiral around to the top.

wide swirls

The hat is made using Shelter yarn from Brooklyn Tweed. It’s knit at 4.5 stitches to the inch on US 8 needles. It’s lovely and airy and very warm. I find the targhee-columbia wool easily soft enough to be worn next to the skin although I’ve heard people call it scratchy. I think it’s soft but still woolly – like shetland crossed with something softer. While knowing the difference between wool breeds has been mostly confined to the world of spinning more and more yarns are becoming specific as well. I will warn you it’s not even the tiniest bit wind proof. This hat really isn’t a good choice if you’re going to spend any time in a blizzard (oh, say, doing the photoshoot for said hat)

The pattern gives 4 sizes from 15.5 to 22.25 inches and each size uses a single skein (or less) of the yarn. It’s a very economical hat and (or) an opportunity to try a fancy new yarn. Clicking the button above will take you to paypal. As with all my patterns you do not need to have a ravelry account to purchase; although the automatic payment and download would not be available without the support provided by the great folks at Ravelry! If you’re on Ravelry, you can queue and favorite Dunkelipa here. This pattern has been tech edited by Joeli Caparco (Joeli on Ravelry).

I wrote up the pattern for this hat (link to first post) right away, and then didn’t get any good photos of it for ages and ages. Turns out it’s pretty tricky to photograph an almost-black hat. You need just the right kind of light, and light in general is hard to find this time of year. Bright daylight is best, but not sunny because that makes too many shadows. Being snowed in at my parents over the weekend gave some perfect light though – the kind where the clouds are too bright to look at because the sun is almost peaking through. Neil’s a little squinty in these photos, it’s either the lighting, or possibly the blizzard winds I asked him to stand in…


*therefore this made up word is pronounced dun-kel-i-pa or just dunkel I P A if you’d prefer.


2 responses to “Dunkelipa

  1. Love your brim treatment here. The asymmetrical, split-on-one side thing is such a cool detail, without being obtrusive in any way, and the texture is so nice with the Shelter. Well played!

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