Happy January 3rd!

I hope you had a wonderful new year’s celebration whether you stayed up until 2am, or went to bed at 10pm. Neil and I chose to have a quiet evening together rather then driving into Burlington for the third time that day only to drive home later when there are drunk people all over the roads…

Burlington for the 3rd time? you may ask. Neil worked that day, so he had driven in earlier. I’d been into the city on my own, on a mission. The deadline for Knitty’s spring/summer issue was yesterday, and I needed some summery feeling photos. One of the trickiest things about designing in Vermont is getting out of season photographs. Everywhere you go there’s SNOW snow snow snow… Great for snowshoeing, lousy for summer photos.

Luckily UVM has a greenhouse. Unluckily, it’s not open to the public during holiday break. Luckily FOR ME there were grad students in the building on New Years Eve day and they were willing to let me in.

photoshoot outtake

Does that look summery to you?

On the way home I stopped at the yarn store. I’ve had this idea for an autumnal color (my favorite colors) vest with squishy garter trim (I may be in a garter trim phase – my designing goes through clear phases) and I wanted to use my gift certificate for new yarn. I love getting yarn support for designs. But sometimes the pressure free ability to design, or not, and knit (or not) whatever I want is worth spending my own money.

autumn vest

In this case it’s extra worth while. The yarn I wanted for the body (Plymouth Mushishi) had several wonderful colors, but nothing that would create the distinct but subtle striping I wanted. I was considering Malabrigo instead, when one of the LYS employees suggested I use TWO brands of yarn. There’s no reason not to, they’re both single plied, both wool, and both worsted weight. But the idea of using two brands just wouldn’t have occurred to me. And she was right:

garter corner

They create exactly the stripes I was looking for.

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