I’d like to introduce Gnarled! A little heavy weight lace to ward off any winter chill.

Gnarled - leaningfull

Gnarled is a matching set of collar and cuffs designed in a super-bulky yarn to keep out the chill. Wear them to warm up a dressy outfit or dress up a warm outfit- either way they add a touch of Victorian style to your day. The slightly felted yarn keeps warm air trapped next to your skin where it belongs in cold weather, while the merino is soft enough to nestle next to your skin.

Back in August I won a skein of Malabrigo Rasta yarn from the Yarn on the House blog. You should really check it out, what’s not to love about free yarn? Rasta is a super bulky yarn, or possibly it should be in the category above super bulky. In spinning terms I think this yarn is about 3wpi. In other words, you could measure the width of this yarn with a ruler, and if you did it’d be about a third of an inch wide. I challenged myself to design a little something warm out of the single skein.

Gnarled - sniffingfull

The PDF is available here, and you can find Gnarled on Ravelry as well. Once again, anyone can by the pattern whether or not you’re a Ravelry member – and I want to thank Ravelry for making that possible. I also want to thank Stephannie Tallent (StephCat on Ravelry) for providing the technical editing.

This isn’t really a cowl, I’ve been calling it a collar – a heavy, lacy thing reminiscent of historical costumes. There was plenty of yarn leftover from the collar so I worked up a matching pair of pulse warmers.

Gnarled - closeupcuff

The pattern is written up in just two sizes: collar 16 and 20 inches for the neck circumference and cuffs 6.5 and 8 inches around. But the lace is very stretchy, and could be worn with either positive or negative ease. The collar has a little positive ease on me while the cuffs have negative ease. If you’re substituting yarn you should know that the gauge (10 sts and 16 rows per FOUR inches on US 11 needles) is actually dense for this yarn. The lace can stand up on its own it is so dense. If you substitute with a less-super-bulky yarn your collar will have more drape and less structure (and as always, check your gauge)

Gnarled - winebackview

5 responses to “Gnarled

  1. Cute + pretty! (And well-accessorized!) I’m sometimes drawn to bulky/super-bulky yarn but do find it a challenge to design with. Good on you for stepping up. :-)

  2. Oops, that last comment was me. Stupid automatic field-filler. :-)

  3. I absolutely adore your collar. What Rasta colorway did you use?

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