Scrubby Soap

This stuff is really easy, and really great.

scrubby soap

1/2C baking soda
1T dish soap*
1T water
Combine these three ingredients in a wide mouthed container. Mix gently to combine without causing the dish soap to foam up. It should have about the same consistency as toothpaste. In fact you could probably use it for tooth paste but it’d taste horrible. Instead use anywhere you need scrubbing soapy goodness!

I made up this soap recipe years ago when I needed to clean the sink and didn’t want to go to the store for more sink cleaning stuff. I’ve been using it ever since; it’s wonderful. This scrubby soap, plus a little bit of elbow grease, has cleaned surfaces I didn’t imagine clean-able. Beet juice stains on white counter top. Stains in the bottoms of enamel or porcelain sinks that came with the rental unit. Rust stains on just about anything.** Recently a cookie sheet left in a pool of water on our white counter top left a rust stain that 2 store bought cleaning agents couldn’t touch, which is actually why I was mixing up more scrubby soap recently. It cleaned the stain in 3 minutes flat.

I use it on counter tops, stainless steel sinks, bathroom sinks, toilets, and the stove top – one place I don’t know how else I’d clean it sometimes. There are other (better) blogs if you’re interested in other home made cleaning, home, and body products. I enjoy Angry Chicken. I especially love her home made deodorant – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. But she has lots of other good ideas too.

*I’ve always loved 7th Generation dish soap, but have also successfully used Planet dish soap, and most recently Mrs. Meyers Dish soap. Their Geranium soap is like summer in a bottle, a strong scent, but not in a normal floral-soap kind of way.

**at our previous house we had water so high in iron it stained new appliances within days – so I didn’t clean those much, but it was nice to discover I could remove them if I wanted to.

6 responses to “Scrubby Soap

  1. I like Angry Chicken’s blog. And homemade deodorant is the only kind that works on me every since I had a baby. I smell horrible if I use anything else.
    And I love that exact scrubby soap recipe. I’ve used it on really old dirt in my apartment building.

  2. okay, chemistry person – WHY??

  3. Just made some up and it works great. My sister has a little baby boy and I was telling her about the dangers of household cleansers just the other day. I will be giving this to her. Easy peasy and it works. Thanks.

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