Coming soon!

I have another vest pattern in the works. I love vests, they hug your core and keep you warm – but not too warm which can be an issue with sweaters (at least in my office) I find them great for layers, and have been known to wear vests under cardigans when I’m really cold. Vests with long sleeve shirts are my absolute favorite autumn outfit.

I wish there were more awesome vest patterns out there. I’m not saying there aren’t good ones available. But there are huge numbers of sweater patterns and far, far fewer vest patterns. Also, I may be prejudiced against short sleeved sweaters. The sleeves just confuse me. Is it meant to be worn like a vest? Is it a sweater that doesn’t keep my wrists warm? Why knit those sleeves if you’re not going to commit to them?*

aaaanyway… My Root Cellar vest is all knit up, and I had a great photo shoot at Fat Toad Farm on monday. Now I just need to finish some math and get it tech edited. In the mean time here’s a little sample from the photo shoot:


Goat love!

*I’ve seen some really cute short sleeve sweaters – clearly they’re just not my thing.


2 responses to “Coming soon!

  1. I love the gorgeous Root Cellar Vest in the ‘goat photo’ and I would love to have the pattern when it’s available. Is it beaded? Thanks!

    • Glad you like it! I’m hoping to have the pattern available here on my blog by the end of the month. It’s not beaded, what you’re probably seeing are the shiny little flecks of white silk in the Plymouth Mushishi yarn.

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