White Clovers

clover - neil on skis

White Clovers is a simple yoked sweater designed to appeal to the basic style sense of men. Garter ribbing trims the hem and cuffs. Above the ribbing stranded color work diamonds complement the main clover pattern at the yoke. This sweater is designed to be plain enough for men while still being interesting to knit. The fitted yoke and drape of the finished fabric makes White Clovers equally appealing for women.


It feels like I was just talking about this sweater (probably because I was) The wonderful people at Knit Picks have the fastest turnaround ever – and so the pattern is now available! You can purchase it over here for just $2.99.

clover - mood

You can queue and favorite it on Ravelry as well! Big thanks to my friend Jeremy for patiently letting me take close up photos and to Chris Church for tech editing.

City Tweed HW is 25% alpaca so I knew I didn’t want the fabric to be too dense. It’s a really warm sweater with an light and draping fabric. And at 4sts/in it makes really economical use of yarn needing just 1200 to 1800 yards total. My test knitters were also surprised at how little yarn it used.

Gillian was one of my test knitters, you can read about her project on her blog. These last two photos are courtesy of her. She made the sweater for her brother:

blue clovers2 - GF

But it really does look nice on her as well:

blue clovers - GF

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