Little projects

I’ve finished off several designs recently and, as if I’m waiting for something big*, I haven’t started any new ones. I finished the first sleeve for Gwen. I’ve signed up for Twist Collective’s February Finish Fest(ravelry link) with the goal of actually completing those felted boot covers I started back in November. I’ve started a pink and brown hat which has been in my ravelry queue since September of 2008.

wintersunrise hat

Juggling 144 stitches on 5″ DPNs is crazy-making, so as soon as I get home I’ll be switching it to a 24″ circular. I may have to magic loop (I dislike magic loop) but I dislike dropping stitches more. It will soon be this winter sunrise hat, and I’m using the leftover yarn from my pink and brown mittens. Then I’ll have another matchy-matchy set of winter woollies I love matching.

I’m hoping for a quiet weekend. I need to clean and knit, and probably make stew. On Saturday I’m visiting Rachel Erin and I’m very excited to meet her in real life.

*I suspect the “something big” looming in my mental peripheral vision is that book I keep talking about.

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