It was one of those days, the kind of day that starts at -25F, and never gets above 0.

-25 thermometer

My poor ’98 diesel jetta never started. I ended the day with a conversation with my mechanic. He recommended a 100 watt light bulb and a solid, strong jump in the morning. It’s supposed to get above 0 by tomorrow morning, so that should help. But in between the -25F morning and the decision to give up I’ve been on the phone with AAA more times than I can count. I was also abandoned by a tow truck driver who was convinced my glow plug array (the thing that heats the engine in diesel vehicles – but works very differently from one auto brand to another) wasn’t working just because it didn’t work the way his ford truck works.

In the mean time I’ve knit, worked on my felted boot project, drunk a lot of tea, checked on my chickens regularly, and walked the dogs. The dogs seem to love running through the cold, cold snow, they love it outside far more than I do. The chickens are doing well. When it gets below -10 we leave the light bulb on in their coop overnight for added heat. Incandescent bulbs are highly ineffective as a source of light because so much of the energy they use is converted to heat instead of light. But on a night like the last one, that’s exactly what I’m using them for.

The little birds didn’t come to the feeder first thing this morning, which had me very worried. They arrived around the same time the sun finally peaked over the mountain ridge, and have been flocking to the feeder all day.

feeder chickadees

I hope you’re staying warm and cozy!

4 responses to “Cold

  1. Ohmygosh! -25! I feel like a wimp complaining about our recent 2 degree days.

    It will be above freezing here in the Midwest by the end of the week – I’ll tell the warm weather to hurry on to VT once it gets here.

    • Well the temp at my house was at least above zero this morning (all of 2F) and my car started! So I’m not going to complain. But above freezing would be nice, it’d give the chickens a chance to thaw out a bit too.

  2. It’s gotten that cold this week here in central MA, too, in the low spots. Been a while since I remember a winter this cold! I knew it was bad when I was trying on my glove in the house this morning, and even with only two fingers knit, it was an improvement over not wearing it.

    • It’s been a while since it was so cold here as well! But at least in VT we’re warned it can get this cold. I feel badly for people further south who don’t expect to see below zero temperatures!

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