Just a few false starts

I’ve finished my pink and brown Winter Sunrise hat! The two yarns are a variegated pink and a brown, both from a Coopworth farm local to me and not really available online. The variegated yarn may not be the best thing to show off the colorwork, but I think it’s pretty anyway – and it certainly is warm!

winter sunrise

There were a few hiccups along the way. I started out with US 5 needles and sport weight yarn as directed – but didn’t check my gauge. Can you see where this is going?

1) Knit liner, increase at brim, work 2 inches of color work hat.
2) Try on head, discover hat is at least 25” around.
3) Rip work.
4) Cast on with US 3 needles. Knit liner, increase at brim, work 1 inch of color work hat.
5) Try on head, discover hat is about 23” around.
6) Rip work.
7) Determine that instead of 4 repeats of 3 diamonds each, I can work 5 repeats of 2 diamonds each. That will use fewer stitches but maintain pretty crown decreases. Also decide to use US 3’s for liner and 4’s for hat.
8) Cast on 120 sts, work one round.
9) Realize I need 124 sts, curse at knitting.
10) Decide to work just 4 increases in brim, feel smart, continue knitting.
11) Work three more rounds.
12) Discover I twisted my work when joining to work in the round.
13) Curse some more, rip out work.
14) Cast on 124 sts. Knit liner, go up a needle size and begin color work.
15) On 4th round of chart, realize color work isn’t ending at correct point.
16) Count chart stitches and sts on needle. Realize I actually need 120 sts.
17) Throw knitting across room. Pick up and rip work.
18) Cast on 120 sts. Successfully knit liner. Feel clever for starting color work without needing chart because I have it memorized.
19) Tink back 3 rounds because I DID NOT have chart memorized and I refuse to rip work AGAIN.
20) Sit undisturbed in living room for an entire day (while car won’t start) and focus on nothing except knitting hat to avoid any more mistakes.
21) Block, feel really clever because color work hats are awesome – even if they do take some focus.

hat with matching mittens

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