A chance to learn something new

Last night I had a chance to learn a new(ish) way to do provisional cast on – and I’m so excited about it I need to share!

I started Dulce De Leche last night, and it begins with a provisional cast on of TWO HUNDRED AND FOURTEEN stitches. The goal is to make a turned hem with no sewing. And while I liked that idea a bit, I don’t hate sewing and if forced to choose between doing a crochet cast on that long and a little seaming, I’ve always been that knitter who chooses the seaming.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the seamless look of provisional cast ons, and I’ve used shorter ones in many designs. But I always have issues with them unzipping (or not, as the case usually is) properly and I didn’t want to fight with a badly picked up crochet chain that long.

But then I remember one of the Mason-Dixon ladies posting about performing the crochet cast on AROUND the needle rather then trying to pick up the purl bumps later. She found it solved the difficulties of the crochet cast on that I always fight. So I decided to be brave and try something new. Note! I don’t have internet at home, so there may be a million tutorials on this already, but I just had to make it up as I went along. Whatever, it wasn’t too hard to figure out, and she (I don’t remember if it was Kay or Ann) was RIGHT! This cast on was simple and quick, I didn’t have to pick up purl bumps, and the chain should rip out smoothly when I get to that point. Also I didn’t have to worry about leaving a tail long enough, which would have been a problem if I skipped the provisional cast on.

So here it is. I started by making a normal single crochet chain a few stitches long first (I’m assuming you know how to do that). Then I got my knitting needle, and held it behind the crochet chain. I brought the yarn around the needle and then to the hook:


Pull the strand through the loop, just like always, and you have 1 cast on stitch:


And just keep repeating, until you have the number of stitches you need:


I even made a video*:

See, smooth and quick and the stitches are all lined up on the needle ready to knit! I actually enjoyed this cast on method. So YAY! for learning something new!

*I hope that works. I don’t have the latest version of flash player on my computer, so I can’t even test it. If you’re having trouble seeing it could you let me know? Actually, let me know if it works too – since I have no idea…

3 responses to “A chance to learn something new

  1. The video worked just fine. I’ve always done the crochet cast on with the crochet needle in my right hand, looks like we get the same result though. Recently I’ve become enamored with this method casting on live stitches to your working needle as well as a spare circular needle, then you wouldn’t have to pick up all those stitches.

    Provisional cast on with waste yarn or circular needle

    • Glad the video works! I suspect I’m holding the crochet hook like that because I’m left handed. That might be good for folks to know if they’re struggling in trying to copy my motions. Thanks!

  2. That looks so much easier! I will have to remember it the next time I need a provisional cast-on.

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