February Blahs

I’m suffering from a case of the February blahs, and it’s only January 31st. I’m going to suggest it’s because the january thaw came early as well (Shhh, it makes sense in my head)

I’m fighting the blahs with every trick I know: taking lots of vitamin D, eating fresh fruit, going for walks in the sun with the dogs (whenever I can find sunlight) and not expecting too much from myself. That last one is hardest because I’m always go-go-going. But I have nothing MAJOR that needs doing right now, I’m in between designs and it’s not the right time of year for any of our outstanding home or garden project. The only looming deadline is getting the new firewood stacked before the snow starts tomorrow night.

So I’m spinning, and knitting, and reminding myself that February is like this. But it’s a short month, and come March I can start planning my garden.

What do you do in the cold winter months to perk yourself up?

4 responses to “February Blahs

  1. I use a sun lamp.
    I learn something new, or find a book I’ve been dying to read, or something else I’ve been putting off doing until I have more time.
    I eat a lot of salad.
    At least we can be pretty sure the groundhog won’t see his shadow tomorrow, so we can hope for an early spring.

    • Yes – I should probably get a sun lamp.

      And I do hope they leave the poor groundhog alone tomorrow. They’d have to shovel out his burrow just to wake him up. That would be sad.

  2. Knitting! I actually go back to work in January, so I don’t have much time for blahs. I’m no sooner over Christmas and have the semester planned than school starts and then I’m hideously busy. It’s in March that I start to lose it, and I like to go for a long weekend somewhere south of here–usually DC or Virginia–where it’s already spring. But in the winter, I always like to cheer myself up with baking, good books, a daylight reading lamp, and plenty of warm wool.

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