Operation sweater rescue

I have a plan. I’m saying it here because if I tell the whole internet then I’m more likely to actually stick to my plan.

I have a problem with my sweater WIPs. The problem isn’t that there are too many. I don’t mind having lots of projects on the needles (some for extended periods of time.) I figure that as long as I’m happy I’m doing this whole knitting-as-a-hobby thing just right.

No, the problem is I want to be wearing some of these sweaters. That’s hard to do when there are no sleeves, or it’s actually only the lower half of a sweater, or just a yoke. I had thought that knitting 12 sweaters in 12 months would help with this problem, but nope. Turns out I just cast on new sweaters instead of working on ones that were in progress. The result is some of these sweaters have been on the needles for YEARS. I still love them, I’m just easily distracted.

So here’s my plan. I will only cast on new sweaters (vests, tops, coats, tees, etc) when TWO of the sweaters on the list below have been completed. This should encourage me to get some of these off their needles and onto my shoulders. The only exceptions will be made for designs for outside publication. Those I will, of course, cast on and knit as needed. But completing them won’t count towards the TWO needed to cast on a new sweater. Here’s my WIP sweater list, in all its glorious detail:

1) Dulce de Leche
dulce bodice

The yarn for this was a christmas present and I was so charmed by the whole idea it jumped right to the front of the queue. It is simultaneously both a really complex pattern and a really easy knit and will get a blog post of its very own at some point. In the mean time it has been my main project for all occasions (bus rides, listening to podcasts, first aid training class) as a result I’m already working the shoulders even though I only cast on 13 days ago. After the shoulders there are the 3/4 length sleeves – worked from the top down with short rows! And that’s it. Should be done, soonish?

2) Royal Rose

This sweater has been on the needles since November of 2008. Shocking I know! What’s worse, I did work on it during the 12 in 12 challenge, but didn’t finish it. I believe I set it down 4, or maybe 6, rounds before the start of the steeks. in other words, this sweater also only needs some shoulders and some 3/4 length sleeves. Clearly there’s a good reason I’ve changed to knitting the sleeves of things first.

3) Gwendolyn
gwen sleeves

There’s a chance this should be my main WIP since it’s part of a knit along with my friend Amy. But we’re both multi-project people, and she’s knitting my Root Cellar vest right now, so I really can’t complain! I’ve finished both sleeves and will probably cast on the back next.

4) Argyle Jacket

I keep wishing I could wear this coat! It’s one of those few projects where I want the finished object much more then I enjoy knitting it. The problem is over 200 stitches of dense yarn on 24″ circular size 3 needles. Using a longer sized needle would probably fix most of the problem, but I don’t own one and I’m mere inches from the divide for the sleeves. Those inches would be done more quickly if I knit on this instead of just looking at it.

5) Celandine

This was supposed to be last summer’s knitted top – I do about one per year. But the medallions are knit on size 000 needles, and I got bored. I’m half way through them, so I should do maybe one or two a week to spread them out better. My goal is to wear it this summer instead!

6) Burdock vest

I have no idea what happened to this poor thing. I knit the first half of the vest in a single weekend. And then never went back to it. I have, and wear constantly, a blue bartlett stranded vest. I really like the colors in this one. And it should be quick to finish up, since there aren’t any sleeves to knit.

7) book sweater
I haven’t got a photo of this one. In fact it’s on the list even though I don’t have the yarn yet. It’s for my book submission, so I want to get it done in a timely fashion. It’s going to be in Peace Fleece yarn and I really REALLY love their Ancient Fern colorway.


9 responses to “Operation sweater rescue

  1. Whoo hoo! They are all gorgeous projects. I’m especially smitten with the colorwork. I look forward to seeing the progress.

    (I use my blog for public accountability of goals too. It’s not like anyone would ever call me on falling short of an achievement, but it somehow helps maintain motivation. Like I’m making a pinky promise to the interwebs. And those promises should never be broken.)

  2. Great plan – and I love all the sweaters (except the argyle – I’ve never been a fan of argyle, despite my Scottish roots. But then, I’m not wearing them.)

  3. Ha! I’m the opposite. The more people I tell about something, the less likely I am to do it. That’s…at odds with having the knitting blog, now that I think of it. I’m saving some things to talk about on there because I’m afraid that if I announce I’m doing something, I’ll never do it. I think you can get through at least two of these! You’re a very productive knitter.

  4. first aid first online

    hey, you have many cute sweaters, haven’t you. I like knitting but I am impatient to do it!

  5. I can’t wait to see the dulce de leche.

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