Taking Stock

It’s just about the middle of February – so what better time to take stock of, well my stock. Last fall, along with all the squash from my garden:


We bought a bushel of yukon gold potatoes from a farmstand just a few miles down the road. We get 20lbs more of red and gold potatoes from our CSA, along with 20lbs of squash, 10lbs of carrots, onions, beets, and some garlic. In the freezer we had 3 or 4 gallons of broccoli and 2 or 3 gallons of green beans. I canned tomato sauce and ketchup, salsa and chutney. I dried beans.

Now it’s February. We have 3 squmpkins* and two MASSIVE butternut squash remaining. There are a few onions and another 2 bulbs of garlic. We’re down to the last quarter of the bushel of potatoes. There’s one more gallon of broccoli and another 1/2 gallon of green beans. There are only 5 jars of pasta sauce left. I’ve been buying carrots in the store since December and frozen sweet corn all winter.**

We’ve made it a lot further on our own, or locally sourced, veggies then we did last year. Each year is an improvement over the one before it and that’s the best sign of growth we can hope for. Still, I’m very Very glad I don’t have to make what we have left last until late April, or early May, depending on how long it takes the snow to melt.

*that’d be the squash/pumpkin hybrids
**I can’t help it, I LIKE frozen corn and I didn’t get any frozen last summer.


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