VT Odyssey hat

I finished my all-vermont-all-the-time hat! Actually I finished it over the weekend, set it to block behind the stove, and then forgot to document it for days…


I ended up using Grumperina’s Oddesa(ravelry link) pattern. I realized I didn’t have enough yardage for several of the patterns I was considering. And I knew I needed something really simple because of the marled yarn. I used size 6 and 7 needles because I didn’t want the fabric to be too dense, and I knit the body of the hat until I was afraid I didn’t have enough yarn to finish, then worked the crown decreases. I ended up with about 10 yards left over, and the body is a little deeper then the pattern directed – which is how I frequently like my hats.


In my opinion the swirly hat pattern and the swirly yarn combine to make an excellent hat! If you want to look back this is the yarn I spun, from the fleece I washed, from the sheep that I saw sheared. No, I have no urge to learn to shear the sheep myself – at least not yet…


2 responses to “VT Odyssey hat

  1. I am very happy that the fleece worked out well for you. I forwarded this page on to my father and he was very pleased as well.

    Hope to see you at the farm again sometime!

    • I don’t live too far away, if there’s a spring event I’ll definately come. I’m also happy to help get the word out about a spring event if you’d like!

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