Swatch Stories

I’m swatching for new designs right now. It’s fun, seeing the potential unfold in front of me. But the two swatches I knit yesterday had some extra difficulties. Both are designed to be worked in the round. One is a heavily cabled pattern with twisted stitches and cable crosses on every row. It’ll be challenging, but not ridiculous in the round. But here’s the problem – I didn’t want to work in the round. So to make things “easier” on myself I worked it flat, which meant 3 or 4 cable crosses per WRONG SIDE row. Yes, you read that right – this was to make things easier on myself…

But did I learn? Apparently not. The second swatch is for a color work pattern – an advanced color work pattern where several rows involve carrying three colors at the same time. Once again, I wanted to work the swatch flat. Can you see where this is going? If you guessed “purling while working a stranded pattern with three colors simultaneously” then you win! Not that there’s a prize or anything…


2 responses to “Swatch Stories

  1. Do you have any little kids you know? I recently had to work a swatch in the round, and it made a great neckwarmer for my little girl. They also make great hats…..I can work back and forth for submissions, but not for gauge – my in the round gauge is so different.

    • Yeah, I’ll have to swatch in the round to get gauge. But since these are just my submissions and I don’t know the final yarn I’m not worrying about gauge yet.

      And since they’re sock submissions I’d have to know reeeeeally little kids – or maybe kids with dolls. That seems more likely :-)

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