Winter Foliage

It’s a gorgeous 50 degrees outside and I just came back in from going for a walk without a coat! It’s really too bad the forecasted low for Saturday night is -5…

Since it’s still winter around here now seems like a perfectly good time for my newest pattern, the Winter Foliage hat, available through Ennea Collective (check them out, they have lots of good patterns)

Hats A B and C - back

Winter Foliage is a stripy, colorful, slouchy beret style hat. It’s designed with the theory that in winter our outer garments are all very dark, and color mostly comes from accessories. I bet you could work it up in pretty spring colors and hope that it will encourage spring to arrive sooner!

Hat A - back

This hat was designed to use 10 mini skeins I spun up from a sample pack of Into The Whirled. There are a lot of fiber sample packs available to hand spinners – and the question I’m attempting to answer is “now what do I do with these little skeins?”

mini skeins in progressmany little skeinsmini skeins in progress2

But there’s good news for knitters who don’t spin. The hat requires 20-40 yards of fingering weight yarn in 10 different colors. So I think it’s perfect for using up leftover scraps of sock yarn, like this:

hat C - front

And if you’re the type of knitter who doesn’t have leftover bits of sock yarn then A) I have no idea how you pull that off and B) You can work the hat up by alternating between two skeins of self striping yarn, like mini mochi:

Hat B - side

This hat was knit in their Ginger Rainbow colorway. I recommend alternating between two skeins so you get drastic, noticeable color changes between each pattern stripe. There are more details for this technique in the pattern.

See what I did there? I knit this pattern THREE times. I never knit anything that many times! What’s more, I knit them consecutively (almost) without breaking for anything else! It’s a really fun project. The stripes are worked in a slipped stitch pattern which creates that interlocking look.

Hat A - snow

You only have to knit with one color per row – it’s a dead easy pattern to remember and work up. I’d like to thank my cousins Naomi and Leah, and their friend Meghan, for modeling for the photo-shoot.

You can find this pattern on Ennea Collective, and you can favorite and queue Winter Foliage on Ravelry.

Hats A B and C - top


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