playing pretend

Right on the heels of Winter Foliage I’m working on another submission for Ennea Collective. But this one has an added complication – the seasons. I don’t want a lot of snow in photos meant for a spring release, but outside still looks like February.


Winter Foliage was easy to photograph, I took pictures in December for a February release. Once snow is on the ground all these winter months look pretty much the same. But the seasons are an issue for most of the year when trying to take photos for any release between 3 and 9 months in advance. This is why, back in December, I was skulking around the UVM greenhouse trying to take “summer feeling” pictures for a Summer Knitty submission. Greenhouses are a great solution if you’ve got access to one. Last year I took pictures for Trout River in February. Conveniently we took a vacation to Florida where it looks more summery then VT in Feb. ever will.

The original photos for Currants had the opposite problem. They were taken in August for a winter submission. In that case Neil and I went up to the notch on Mount Mansfield – the elevation is high enough it’s mostly evergreens and rocks. You can’t even tell it was 75F that day*

So back to today – where lunch break found me outside taking pictures of things in a tree. I put the object of my photography in the crook of a big branch, and shot up towards the sky.


Nothing says spring is coming like blue skies and sunshine, right?

*There are other issues with these photos, namely that the flash went off every time. I really need to re-do the photo shoot for this poor, neglected pattern…


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