Won’t be long

It’s winter here in the north country,
snow’s so high it’s up past my knees.
Car won’t start and the wood pile’s low.
Everything moves so slow,
and it’s so cold,
maybe I’m just getting old.
So I’ll hunker down for another night,
eat my supper by candlelight.
And it won’t be long
’till summer’s here again!
-Susannah Clifford Blachly

I’ve been pretty whiny about February recently, and it’s a small comfort that I’m not alone.

But my new CD: All the Colors by Susannah (who’s also a Vermonter) is reminding me that Spring will be back. I may have bought this as a gift for Neil at Christmas but really, it was because I needed there to be a copy in my home*! I love how I can HEAR vermont in her music. She’s a folk singer and if you like guitars and fiddles and pianos and soaring music (I see her described online as celtic/americana – that sounds about right) you really should give her a try. All her lyrics tell stories and the music is the coloring that brings them to life.

It looks like you should be able to listen to samples on Amazon – but I recommend ordering it straight from her website to really support my local musician.

*Don’t worry, he likes it too.


2 responses to “Won’t be long

  1. Thank you for sharing Susannah Clifford Blachly! She’s just my style – I really loved the samples I heard on her website. That album is definitely going on my wish list!

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