Still snowing, still sick

I think I’m finally on the other side of this nasty cold. I was planning on going to the doctor’s today, but then the biggest snowstorm of the season surprised us all.

neil in the big snow

I love the uncertain look on Neil’s face. Also that pile of snow on his right – my car is under it somewhere.

We had 30 new inches this morning, and it’s still coming down now.

Just yesterday Neil wished for one more big storm before the end of winter.

I can’t blame him, it was 50F and raining hard when he said it. We all think those sorts of things from time to time.

It’s so bad out there they canceled work. And my Dr’s office was actually closed, even if I could have gotten out of the driveway.

The mail didn’t come today either. Apparently even the postman’s creed has limits.


2 responses to “Still snowing, still sick

  1. So… We can blame Neil for this?

    (I’m kidding, I won’t really blame Neil, but I am begging that he not ask for anymore snow until the blisters on my hands from shoveling have healed- they are slowing down my knitting)

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