green, no brown, no wait

The one good thing about being sick over the weekend was that I wasn’t TOO sick to knit. I had just the right amount of energy for some calming stockinette. Conveniently I had this one sweater with a lot of stockinette. The peace fleece sweater. I’m loving this ancient fern colorway, it’s so subtle and yet so complex. When you look really close you can see the brown contains lots of green and even flecks of burgundy:


This means it changes drastically depending on the lighting:


Earthy brown in daylight, chocolaty brown in the dark, a mossy green-brown in the morning light, and a reddish brown in the afternoon glow.

I’m almost finished with the body already, then I just have some sleeves and a collar. I’m pretty sure I can finish this easily by my goal – the end of March. The real question is can I finish it before the yarn arrives for my next design with a deadline!


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