little thoughts

I do not own enough size 7 needles. Currently I need to finish the body of the peace fleece sweater to free up my only circular pair so I can work on the body of my gwendolyn sweater.

We’re under serious flood watch until Saturday evening, the southern part of the state is going to have even more flooding. But really it pales in comparison to the 8.9 earthquake in Japan. I’d rather not have been reminded that things could be worse.

I’ve been composing yarn support requests in my head all morning. It’s amazing how nervous I can get about these.

Yes, that was “requests” plural. I have a new idea for a pattern collection. I’ve decided to tackle right away for a fall release as an e-book. Since I’m going to self-publish I’ll tell you more about it, you know, soon.

It was so windy last night the front door blew open. I’m suspicious it wasn’t fully latched though…

I’ll probably also be polling everyone about e-book release formats. Serially? All at once? With discounts for pre-buying? There are so many possibilities.

Neil bought the dogs a stuffed donkey toy. Now we keep saying “I love that donkey” and it makes me think of the Shrek movie every time.

I’m pretty sure our cat Peanut has a UTI. Neil’s taking her to the vet today to find out, and I can’t stop worrying about her.

I’m sending prayers and thoughts out for everyone effected by the quake and the tsunamis.


5 responses to “little thoughts

  1. Ooo, an ebook! I’m looking forward to hearing more.
    Your donkey comment surprised a laugh out of me at the office – hope no one noticed. :)
    I hope your kitty feels better soon! Try not to worry too much – my puppy had chronic UTIs for a few months, and I don’t imagine she was very happy about it, but she’s all better now. I’m sure Peanut will be on the mend in no time.

  2. I hope Peanut feels better soon!

    An ebook sounds like an awesome idea.

    That’s funny, I am always on a desperate search for my size 5’s.

  3. Seems odd to say it, but I love Shrek. And Donkey :-)
    Hope your cat is better soon!

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