button quest

I have TWO sweaters where finishing is within sight! The peace fleece sweater of uncertain color needs 1.2 sleeves and a collar, so that’s totally doable. The other one is my olive green Dulce de Leche. I picked it back up the other day when I wanted something different and realized the sleeve only needed a few hours to be finished. 3 bus rides later I was done, done, and done.

Well, almost done. I just needed to do up a little single chain crochet around the edges to help them lie flat. I’m pretty sure even a beginning crocheter would feel twitchy watching my attempts, but I get there eventually. Except that I didn’t. My second skein of yarn ran out with less then 8 inches of edging left to trim. Luckily I have a third skein, but having to crack into a 438 yard skein for approximately 5 yards of yarn makes me sad. At least I can be finished!

Except that I have no buttons. Usually I just look at my options and see what speaks to me, frequently I have my buttons before I start*. The button holes in this sweater are worked into the linen stitch. I think I didn’t knit the button holes loosely enough (I also screwed up the row count, so I need four buttons instead of three) so the button holes are really little. About 1/4 of an inch. Maybe a little bigger, but only if you don’t want to do and undo the buttons a lot (good news is I probably won’t be undoing them a lot, since this isn’t a cardigan)

I stopped at a yarn store near work – they don’t carry buttons. I went to one LYS, they didn’t have anything small enough except plain plastic white buttons. Not exactly what I had in mind.

So I asked myself, what DID I want for this sweater? I decided I wanted shank buttons (those are the kind with the little toggle on the back for the yarn or thread, instead of holes that go all the way through) I thought little plastic pearled ones would be fine, maybe pearly white, but preferably green. That doesn’t seem like it should be so hard, does it?

Well, after going to Jo-Ann’s in Burlington (the best button shop we have in the area) and a second LYS I was starting to despair. The availability of green buttons turns out to be really limited. And worse, limited to that pastel shade of green which my sweater is decidedly NOT.

Thank goodness for the internet. It took less then 3 minutes on Etsy to find these buttons from Blue House buttons:
green buttons
Antique pewter, tinted green. 3/8 of an inch? Perfect! The hardest part will be deciding what to do with the rest of them!

While I was browsing I picked up some nice blue glass ones from the same shop, these are headed for an e-book project…
blue buttons

*Which I really highly recommend. I rarely have the number of buttons, or the exact size the pattern calls for. If I know in advance, adjusting the button band is far easier then looking for different buttons. It may be that I’m picky…


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