playing catch up

It’s been a long couple of days – Neil and I headed into Portland Maine late last week for a funeral in his family. These things are always rough, but I think everyone is coping as well as we can hope to. We did have a chance to take a break friday afternoon. We ate lunch on a patio in the warm, sunny weather – visiting with relatives including a niece we’d never met. I ducked into KnitWits which is a lovely little LYS that carries all the yarns by Quince & Co. We re-visited several of the local micro-brew restaurants over the weekend, Sebago, Gritty’s, and Sea Dog.

Now I’m trying to catch up with real life. I spent all morning on work e-mails, and now I’ll spend all lunch break on knitting stuff. But I want to say thanks to everyone who left comments, suggestions, and feedback on the e-book idea. It’s great to read about other’s experiences. I’m sure there will be more details soon. I’m hoping to have everything ready for release by this fall – exactly when will depend on what other opportunities come my way.


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