Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche
My little green buttons finally arrived!

dulce with tea

Which means I had a little photo shoot with my finished Dulce de Leche sweater.

dulce 3

I used Valley Yarns Charlemont (from webs) for this sweater – a machine washable silk and wool blend. I needed JUST BARELY more than 2 skeins. Seriously, I think I used about 6 yards of the final skein to finish up the crochet edging and sew on the buttons. I used a fingering weight yarn knit up at 5 sts to the inch, so it’s a very economical sweater even if you wanted to use a really pricey sock yarn – which Charlemont really isn’t. It is a nice yarn with excellent drape and very soft. It worked pretty well at this gauge, although I think the yarn called for in the pattern may be a little heavier weight.

dulce back

I followed the pattern as written! (crazy talk!) The row gauge is important for this sweater and at one point I was working three separate sets of instructions (bust shaping, placket shaping, and body shaping) at the same time. The directions are very clear – and they do say right at the start that you’ll either need multiple row counters or a spare sheet of paper to keep track. I used the spare sheet of paper, assigned each row a number, and wrote what needed to happen on that row. Having done that in advance knitting it up was quite easy – but I have to say this pattern is more complex than the finished sweater looks.

dulce out for the evening

This is the first sweater I’ve worked with the sleeves picked up at the top and worked down using short row shoulders. The technique is very clearly explained and was a lot of fun to work up. I definitely think I’ll try this again sometime. I like how it can be worn demurely with the buttons done up and a camisole; or with the buttons undone for more, um, exposure.

sassy dulce

In fact I love this little sweater so much I’m having to strongly resist the urge to cast on a similar one RIGHT NOW. Maybe Mata Hari or Promenade could be next? But I’m sticking to my resolution to finish two sweaters before casting on the next one. So I have to finish either the peace fleece sweater or gwendolyn next…


4 responses to “Dulce de Leche

  1. Gorgeous!

    And I like the new glasses!

  2. It’s so cute! I love the sleeves. I’m quite tempted to surf around on Ravelry and plan my own version, but I suppose I should finish my current sweater first. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I’m a bad candidate to talk to about having more then one sweater on the go at the same time… Dulce knits up very quickly because the body is short (shorter then most sweaters I make anyway) and so are the sleeves!

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