playing with photoshop

One* good thing has come from the daylight savings jump. The light when I get home after work is just perfect for photo shoots. With the light dusting of snow we got the other day I decided I wasn’t going to get a nicer looking (mud is rarely pretty) late-spring chance.

out take

But this wasn’t a photo shoot for a new pattern. Instead it’s the first of a series of older patterns I need to re-shoot. The photos for La Moelle were taken two cameras ago, and the resolution is lousy. At least one or two of them may actually have been old cell phone photos – from before the days of a 5MP camera in your smart phone.

Along with the new camera I got last fall and the nice tripod my mom gave me over the winter there’s one more thing that’s pushed me into this. Neil** and I got a copy of Adobe Creative Suite. So now I can do crazy things, like adjust the lighting, swap the colors, or make the whole photo look old.

playing with pictures

But the ability to just make the photos look much nicer – without looking edited – is my favorite bit.
Now I’m beginning to teach myself a little Illustrator (for things like header graphics and schematics) and after that there will be some In Design. I know I could hire a professional for this, but I’ve always enjoyed the layout portion of making my patterns and I have enough of an artistic streak to want to make my own graphics. I also have friends with lots of creative suite experience that I can call up and say “HEEEELP!!” if I need to. One of my major goals for 2011 will be to get all my older patterns re-formatted, re-photographed, and even re-knit if necessary. So stay tuned for some re-release announcements.

*I’m still getting up in the dark, so I’m still unhappy about the change.
**Neil’s a student – that helped a LOT.


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