Knitting camp registration

Registration is open for summer knitting camp! Specifically Vermont Knit and Fiber Camp 2011 (we have a wiki, we’re so official) I love knitting camp, it’s basically a great big, weekend long, knitting group. We sit around the fire with like minded people who don’t complain that you’ve been knitting, and talking about knitting, all weekend. I went last year, and the very first year it was held. It’s been oddly cool both years (even for August in VT) but that just means I haven’t felt guilty about passing on the swimming, boating, and hiking in favor of knitting and spinning.

kettle pond

The site at Kettle Pond state park is beautiful, the car camping is easy (drive up sites, lean-to’s for shelter, and a shower just down the road) and the company is always splendid! At $17.50 for three days and three nights you really can’t beat the price. So if you’re in the area, or want to come to VT for the weekend of August 12-15, please sign up! If you have questions check out the Wiki for more details, and registration info, or just ask me!

night at camp
(I can’t wait for summer)


2 responses to “Knitting camp registration

  1. I don’t think I can make it this year but it was super fun last summer!

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