Earth hour

Neil and I participated in Earth Hour last saturday. I always liked power outages as a kid, so maybe I don’t need much excuse to sit around playing card games by candle light. But I also like the idea of global sustainability. And while burning that many candles every night probably isn’t very sustainable in itself I hope that the more people hear about earth hour the more they’ll think about what else they can do.

earth hour 2011

Neil and I already keep all our entertainment system stuff plugged into a power strip which lets us kill all those vampire charges* with just one button, and we’re changing over to CFLs as our old bulbs die. In spite of being surrounded by springs welling up out of the ground we use water saving washers and shower heads (and have milk jugs in the toilet reservoirs.

I’m always looking for more environmental friendly changes we can make, both easy and complex! So I like that the WWF is pushing people to think beyond just the 60 minutes without lights.

*I love this phrase, it’s such a succinct way of summing up all the electricity used by thing even when they’re turned off.


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