Color scheme

I struggle with color use a lot, everything from painting rooms to getting dressed in the morning. The problem is I want to use ALL THE COLORS. Frequently I want to use them all at once. It probably wasn’t until I took costume design in college that I started to appreciate choosing color schemes. And I still struggle with limiting myself when I have ALL THE COLORS available to be used! At least I’ve figured out not to wear my orange sweater with the plum colored pants.

I knew I needed to be careful about this when planning my new e-book. If you look at collections of patterns, even those loosely tied together like a single issue of a magazine, you’ll see they have some constants running throughout the colors. Even when the theme isn’t “every project is PINK!” they’ll use similar color shades or values of brightness to make the collection cohesive. I knew I needed to control my urge to use ALL THE COLORS if I wanted some of that cohesiveness.

time on my hands yarn

All the yarn for my projects (minus one shades-of-white skein that’s being dyed an should arrive soon!) are here. The colors I’ve chosen clearly aren’t all the same. And yes, I seem to be on a green-and-purple kick these days (even more-so then you may realize) But I like how I’ve chosen complementary shades that all play nicely together. Two shades of purple, two of green, some neutral browns, tans, and whites, with just a little blue. I especially like how the mini mochi ties the blue and the browns together. Three of my projects are two-color (some stripes, some stranded, and some layered) which will further tie everything together (I hope)


2 responses to “Color scheme

  1. All that fresh yarn is making me a little drool-y…

    Picking colors is ABSOLUTELY my favorite part of the process! So much fun.
    My trick was to hang some clementine boxes over my desk so that I can ‘story board’ my yarns into interesting combinations, now if I can just find a way to knit it all.

    • I have all my fresh yarn spread out on my craft room table so I can enjoy it every time I go up there. I like the idea of sorting colors into boxes to help choose color schemes!

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