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I’m almost done with the peace fleece sweater. I just need to knit another 2ish inches of collar and sew in the sleeves! That plus Dulce de Leche are two finished sweaters from The List. Per the rules I set for myself this means I’m close to being ready to cast on a new sweater! (because of course I’m not considering moving on to another sweater from the list – not yet anyway)

I mentioned yesterday (on facebook and twitter) that I wanted a cardigan and got some recommendations, and a very good question – what KIND of cardigan do I want? Several people recommended cardigans with garter yokes. I love them, but I really think they’ll be perfect for this blue handspun yarn in my stash – which is unfortunately not spun into yarn yet (details details) so thinking about it I decided I want a spring cardigan. Something light and draping and feminine. I dug around in my stash and came up with this cone of yarn.


It’s a cone of cotton from a friend’s parent’s basement. Inside the cone is a sticker saying “phoenix dye works” so I know it’s cotton (and I know the colorway is periwinkle), but I don’t know much else about it. It feels very soft (like the pima cotton in knitpicks shine yarns)

I washed some of the yarn (coned wools can change a lot with washing, so it seemed like a good idea) and it appears to be 12-14wpi which puts it somewhere between fingering and sport weight. I swatched (shocking I know!) on US4’s and got a nice fabric at 6sts/1″ but I could go up or down if I need something more dense or with more drape. I, um, don’t really know much about knitting with cotton. Anything I should be aware of? The plies aren’t spun very tightly, does cotton pill the way wool might?

I’m at that stage where the possibilities are endless! So far I like:
mountain view – this one is in the lead because I already own the pattern, also I’m almost exactly on gauge. Connie Chang Chinchio has a number of other sweaters that match what I’m looking for including Sabbatical and Alexandria.
Alternatively there’s Pas de Valse I’m pretty sure I could get gauge, and I loved Dulce de Leche, so why not? Well, it is an awful lot of stockinette…
On the same note I also like Mythos – a free knitty pattern, this wrapped cardigan has interesting construction which would probably keep the stockinette from getting crazy-boring.
I’m half tempted to cardigan-ize the Clearwing pullover from the new Twist. Except the sweater is A) the wrong gauge and B) knit top-down. I’m not really sure how the eyelets affect the neckline and if that could be easily broken up… Pinnate by the same designer seems like a better option!

So do you have any cardigan recommendations for me? Have you knit any of these?


3 responses to “Cardigan search

  1. I’m impressed you have time to knit patterns other than your own!

    • I make the time, for two reasons. One is I still learn cool new tricks going through other people’s patterns. I picked up a neat idea from Dulce that I’m using on a design-in-progress right now. The other reason is that, while I treat designing as a business, I also still considering knitting an enjoyable hobby. So it’s nice to work from someone else’s directions!

  2. Aw, thanks Becky!
    I am 110% cardigan freak, if that weren’t already obvious, and I will refrain from endorsing my own work, but thanks so much for noticing it!
    I vote Pas de Valse #1, its on my ‘list’ I think it looks like an always and forever kind of piece, and I think Marnie knows what she’s doing with fit, length and all of that. Mythos is really pretty too though.

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