Peace Fleece sweater

Neil and I had a photo shoot for his new peace fleece sweater over the weekend. I wanted to take pictures that looked like November, and the remaining snow pack in the woods is melting quickly.


On our walk we found another stream.


And a gorgeous piece of exposed slate cliff. It has the most beautiful coating of moss, and the colors of the moss, ferns, and slate were a perfect backdrop for the ancient fern colorway of the sweater.

walking the cat

The animals came on the walk with us. What? Your cats don’t go for walks?

I love the mood of this photo, but the focus was wonky on my camera. It makes a nice preview, I think.


8 responses to “Peace Fleece sweater

  1. you have the weirdest cats ever . . .

  2. I love it! I bet my husband would, too. I was trying to think of something to make him for next Christmas. Looks close enough to November for me–maybe not quite gray enough, but that’s something you could do in post, if you were so inclined.

    • Yes, I haven’t done any tweaking on these photos at all except to make them smaller for web upload. I’m sure there will be some tweaking as the whole process moves forward, but I don’t even know if these will be the final photos (or the final sweater!), so far they’re just for the submission process…

  3. I could see my brothers really liking that sweater. Simple, but not boring.

    • That was my goal! Although I’m learning Neil actually prefers color work over texture. I’ve gotten the impression that’s not always the case with guys.

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