sunny saturday

yes, these photos are all from last saturday, sometimes I fall behind. But it was soooo pretty I couldn’t resist spending the day outside

with my knitting, and a book.

Neil joined me, he was brewing up an IPA

It’ll be tasty* as the spring warms up, I’m sure!

Watching the chickens mill around and try to figure out how to steal some beer grains provided good entertainment


Jake and Reggie spent the whole day outside, rolling in the dry grass, and finding bones that we’d gotten tired of tripping over and threw into the woods.

Apparently nothing tastes as good as a bone you’ve found in the woods.

Moxy took the important job of holding down the blocking sweater so it wouldn’t blow away.


And peanut hung out, chased invisible things, and stiffed the breeze.

*Super hoppy beers are not my favorite – but Neil is pretty good at making things with hops that are still pretty mellow. He’s good that way!


One response to “sunny saturday

  1. Now if only it would green up already, right? Looks like the whole family is ready for some springtime!

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