Random friday

I should just make random fridays a thing – they can have their own tag and everything!

I’ve been rotating ads in a ravelry spot to see what gets the most response. Can you believe people want green backgrounds this time of year? Shocking…
catamount emma woodhouse winter foliage
here’s a hint, the last one didn’t do so well…

I need some buttons. I have a design that’s all finished and ready to go in the mail, except for the lack of buttons.

I actually bought some yarn! Just a few skeins – I have quite a few friends with babies on the way and it’s time to knit some baby things!

Next week they’re going to make all patterns visible on ravelry*. I’m very excited. My patterns have been visible for some time. This will nullify my ongoing complaint that designers don’t have off-ravelry pages for their designs.

I was outside this morning and guess what! I have bulbs!
crocuses mini irises garlic
Those last ones are garlic bulb shoots. I counted 40 shoots up already. I can’t wait! I also have lettuce and spinach and swiss chard that survived the winter:

I was up until 1am last night helping Neil with a poster board presentation for school. Luckily they taught me how to make a good poster board in high school…

*not projects, not forums, just patterns, which is all I really wanted anyway.


2 responses to “Random friday

  1. I was just wondering what do you mean by making all patterns visible? How is it different from now? Thanks! (I am a reader who found you through ravelry)

    • Right now patterns on ravelry are visible only to ravelry members. Designers can opt-in to have patterns visible to the whole web (google searches, non-ravelry members, etc) but if the designer doesn’t opt in, and the pattern isn’t published anywhere except ravelry, then there’s no way to show it to my readers who aren’t on ravelry.

      Next week Casey will be changing the settings so all patterns are visible to the web. He’s made an announcement in the Ravelry forum, and I think he said he’ll be sending a message to everyone directly affected (designers, people with personal photos on the pattern pages) before the change happens.

      Does that help?

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