Hirta mitts

The newest issue of Ennea Collective is celtic themed! I couldn’t resist submitting a pattern for a theme like this.


My Hirta Mitts are knit up with just 128-180 yards of a heavy worsted or aran weight yarn. The handspun is a romney/border leicester cross and is a lovely bouncy woolen spun yarn. The pattern can be purchased on Ennea, and you can queue and favorite it on Ravelry.

rovingfinal yarnsingles

If you don’t have access to handspun I think Peace Fleece worsted would make a perfect substitute. Quince & Co’s Osprey is another good choice – and you’d only need one skein!

in lap

The photo shoot was a great opportunity to pull out all my Scottish accessories all at once! I have ancestors in (at least) two clans – Dunbar and Grant. The Grant crest is the one you see here with “Standfast” across the top.


The Dunbar crest reads “In Promptu” which I always misread as impromptu. I think the juxtaposition of impromptu and standfast could be interesting – if it were true.

All that aside these mitts knit up very quickly as they’re worked all in stockinette in the round. It’s a good thing too, because I started the design in a peachy orange yarn at first. It didn’t show the cables as well (too variegated) and didn’t match the natural colors feel that the editors at Ennea were looking for. By the time I’d chosen and spun up different fiber I was glad for the short knitting time!

This was my first indoor photo shoot and I think it worked well. Although I’m not sure if it really qualifies though as I did the whole thing in front of the west facing glass doors in my living room. Does it count as indoor photography if I managed to use all natural lighting for it?

celtic bowl

I have one small correction to the cable chart for Hirta. There should be only 13 stitches on the right hand half of the chart. The right-most cable crosses on rows 20 and 22 should be 2/1 crosses in each direction. Once you correct those two crosses there will be a whole column of sts on the right hand side that’s empty and can be crossed out.


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