behind the scenes

I’ve been hard at work with knitting designs the last few weeks, and sadly I have nothing I can show off (yet.) But trust me, knitting is happening! So are pattern writing, grading, yardage estimates, and formatting for specific publications. Also there’s been swatching, sketching, and description writing for new design ideas.

On top of all that I’ve been working up a style sheet for my indie designs so everything will be consistent from one pattern to the next. This includes everything from deciding on fonts and title case to formalizing and standardizing my cable terminology.* I’ve also been working on a layout template, want a peak at that?

font test

Cute little tree huh? I’m abnormally excited about the whole process. I really love doing the layout on patterns. I like how I can control every little thing: lines, fonts, graphics, formatting for the version numbers. See the text in that graphic? I was comparing different serif fonts at 10 points for readibility and clarity. I couldn’t just choose one, I wanted to compare! I really like little details such as choosing whether or not to use bullets in my lists and whether or not there should be periods at the end of each line. Yeah, I might be weird…

I do have two questions maybe you could help me with. The first has to do with my pattern line name – I’ve been using Sugaree Designs. It’s a reference to the Grateful Dead song. But I also chose it because it sounds like Sugar Tree which refers to the hillsides around me covered in the maple tree stands that my neighbors tap to make maple syrup. Well I’m thinking of just changing to Sugar Tree Designs – do you like it?

The second question has to do with the PDFs themselves. Do you prefer a white space in the margins or graphics that go right to the edge? I can see how graphics right to the edges would look nicer on the screen. But I’m wondering if white space around the edges is important for printing? And which way do you use PDFs more frequently: on screen or printed?

*Geeze, I’ve used a lot of different cables and twists when you consolidate everything from every pattern.


12 responses to “behind the scenes

  1. I love Sugar Tree! It is Vermonty and your graphic is very adorable. I am also a fan of white space. I print my pdf patterns and write all over them. Plus, white space is very calming for me. It gives me room to breathe.

  2. I like Sugar Tree better :)

  3. I like Sugar Tree, and Sugaree might be confusing to people who aren’t Deadheads.

    I recommend white space because some people’s printers will not print to the edge of the paper no matter what, so either the edges will get cut off or the whole page will be shrunken to fit the “printable space.”

    • I’ve always left white space, but I’ve purchased a few patterns recently with graphics that go right to the edges. So that’s what triggered the thought. But really I feel like white margins are the safer way to go.

  4. I like Sugar Tree better…does sound Vermonty. If you don’t know the Dead song, you’re likely to misspell or mispronounce Sugaree anyway.
    On the PDFs, I always print them out, but really appreciate saving on my ink. So I’d say leave some white space.

  5. i vote for sugar tree!

  6. Aw, I’m the only one who votes Sugaree!? Well I stand by it, I didn’t know it was a Dead reference (which is pretty embarrassing) and I realize I’ve been out voted.

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