things that begin with F

Yesterday I made a quick stop into JoAnn’s (the best source for buttons in my area) I got the buttons I needed, and a little something else:

linen blend fabrics

Fabric! I talk more about knitting because knitting is more portable, I can knit on the bus or in front of the TV. But I have a fabric stash almost comparable to my yarn stash. These two are for specific projects. The white with red flowers is a linen cotton blend for the summer dress pictured. I’m not sure what I’ll use for the contrast. I’m going to be lining it with a light brown/almost skin toned organic Egyptian cotton (ok, ok, it was a bed sheet once. But now it’s torn (from dogs nesting on the bed) and I refuse to waste good fabric*) Anyway I could use that for the contrast, but I’m not sure about even a light brown with the red/white/black pattern.

The blue and brown is a linen rayon blend which I plan on making a swishy 8-gore skirt with a wide bottom edge and more contrasting fabric. I’ll be using a pattern I already own.

When I got home I found this:

two bags full

It’s a giant box of fleece! Neil sent me a text when it arrived telling me the mill had screwed up my order and sent me a live sheep. I don’t think you could quite fit a live sheep in that box. Well, maybe a miniature one…

This is the montadale and romney I mailed off to Zeilingers. The montadale is pretty soft and really woolly- I think it’s a comparable mix of woolly/itchy as shelter yarn. Which is to say only some people would find it next to skin soft. Definitely softer then the corridale I’ve gotten from a nearby farm, but not merino/BFL soft.

washed montadale roving

The big surprise is my Romney, it’s even softer than the montadale! Seriously I didn’t think Romney was supposed to be soft.

washed romney roving

One of the three fleeces in the blend was from a lamb, but I’m not sure that explains everything… According to the knitters book of wool it’s a somewhat coarse fiber but with wonderful crimp. They says it’s excellent for adding loft to mixed breed blends of wool. This lot is so soft I’m tempted to just spin it straight up, pure romney! I would wonder if they sent me the wrong fiber but it’s clearly a mixture of the 3 colors I sent them.


Up close you can see the dark brown, light brown, and white fibers. The colors are really well blended, which is exactly what I wanted. I plan on using this to add heathering to some dyed, blended, batts I’m already planning in my mind.

In fact, I have SO MUCH of this fiber, I’m starting to wonder if I can sell some of it. Do you think there’s a market for prettily dyed hand blended batts that are made of things besides merino and BFL? Maybe just as a novelty? It’s not like I have enough fiber to go into business, but I’d be happy to share my love of unusual breeds if anyone’s interested. I suppose I could just put them on etsy and see what happens. Who knows what people are searching for without a little experimenting, right?

*If I had curtains I’d be tempted to make things out of them too!

One response to “things that begin with F

  1. I can’t throw out good fabric either. Most of my quilts are backed with old sheets. It just feels right.

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