I’m working against a bunch of deadlines, self imposed and external that all come due the first week of May. So far I’m making good progress, but everything is so tightly scheduled I don’t have room for any slip ups.

I have a design that needs to go in the mail tomorrow, so I’ll be taking some pictures tonight. I have another that needs to go in the mail May 1st which I’m about 55% of the way finished with the knitting (that’s my current bus project) I have a submission due the 5th that needs a generous swatch (charted but not started) which is my NEXT bus project.

I have the first Time on my Hands mitten photo shoot May 1st and those mittens need to be blocked – they were my weekend knitting project. I have a PDF I want to send to tech editing this week, and I want to try making the charts in Illustrator first, that’s my project for this evening (and probably tomorrow evening)

So far I’m making great progress. I finished the weekend mitten in spite of having to rip the first one back to the cuff after I finished it and realized it was misshapen and ugly. I was able to show off the much cuter mittens to my family and had time to start this week’s bus project on the drive home from NH.

I also have a 1lb chocolate bunny in my snack drawer, that should keep me motivated, right?


One response to “Deadlines

  1. just don’t get chocolate on your yarn, you’ll be good . . .

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