appropriate footwear

Tuesday evening I got home to find packages! My new boots had finally arrived!

pink boots

Turns out this was a Good Thing. Tuesday night into Wednesday saw some of the heaviest rains since I moved to this part of Vermont. Roads which I have never seen flooded were. My drive to work was halted at this point, after the section that was narrowed down to 1 land, but before the third “really deep” flooded point.

hogback rd flooded

Neil made it into Johnson where he took some photos of an old mill building, of course these buildings were built close to the river on purpose…

woolen mill flood

In fact, if you flip through these photos from the Burlington Free Press you’ll see about half of them are from either Johnson or Jeffersonville – both downtowns flooded. No lives were lost, but the damage is only beginning to be counted.

some flooded areas

That house on the ridge between the two towns is where my house is. These are the times I’m glad to live on a hill. Especially since it’s raining hard again today.


2 responses to “appropriate footwear

  1. I pretty much need those boots. Hard.

    • They’re Western Chief boots from Amazon. And they have soooo many fun patterns and colors. Maybe you need these ones, but you can’t be sure until you’ve checked out the polka dot ones and the stripey ones as well!

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