expecting a rainbow*

After more heavy rains all day yesterday, and immediately after a heavy downpour passed through, the clouds suddenly started to break apart.

retreating clouds

And within moments the sky was blue, the grass (what’s not hiding underwater, there isn’t supposed to be a lake in this photo…) has suddenly turned spring-green, and the sun was shining.

green grass

And my daffodils are in bloom! Mind don’t look like other people’s flowers. I know nothing about them, except they bloom early and smell pretty.

funny daffodils

Luckily I got non-rain footwear too:


Cute danskos should be good for showing off hand knit socks! But not sport weight ones, because my smartwool socks wouldn’t fit inside these shoes…

*maybe the rainbow is coming after next week’s rain? (yes, we’re getting more)


3 responses to “expecting a rainbow*

  1. Stop hogging all the rain!

  2. Wowza Becky- Good grief you got the rain! No daffy’s at my house yet (there is only 1) but the tulips are 110%. Yours are beautiful- Nice pictures, and your shoes are cute too.

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