Bonfire party

We had a great bonfire party over the weekend, and I think I’ve finally recovered from missed sleep and too much fun. I had a horrible case of camnesia and I got exactly one good photo.


But trust me, there was much more fun than photography going on. We had a great pot luck meal, a little heavy on the protein maybe – there were two vegetarian chillis, a dish of baked beans, and my ham. But there was other wonderful food too – fruit salad and quinoa salad and yes, this was a very gluten-free friendly party, and no, I didn’t even plan it that way!

My plan to have a “dogs outside, food inside” party worked perfectly, and so I have no stories of dogs eating un-attended hams to tell you now. Instead the dogs amused themselves by finding the bones we’d hidden for them throughout the field.*

If you ever have a lot of large, heavy brush and down trees that need burning I highly recommend a bonfire party. Dragging blow downs out of the woods and burning them by yourself is hard work. Doing the same thing with friends is fun.** Having your friends’ large, strong boyfriends and husbands do it for you is even better still.

And on that front the party was a complete success, because the brush and downed trees are gone. And we spent sunday feeding the last of the logs into the fire so it burned for more than 24 hours…


*if by “hidden for them” you understand that I actually mean, “removed from my lawn so people wouldn’t trip over them, only to have the dogs undo all my hard work”

**We’d already built a pile as big as a VW bug before the party started. So these blow downs were added to that. It was a pretty big fire…

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  1. I have no idea if that will work – it’s the picture Neil uploaded . . .

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