blind squirrel

Have you heard that saying about even blind squirrels finding nuts once in awhile? I feel like that with the photoshoot I’m doing this morning. Except I haven’t found any nuts yet… Since I’m in NH, and my parents have this great collection of clocks (My mom tells me that her grandfather collected clocks – and that’s why we had so many growing up and probably why I have them on the brain…)

Anyway the cover clock has this wonderful glass dome. It turns out glass is shiny (duh) and that’s making things tricky. But I’ve macgyver’ed a light box (shadow box?) of sorts out of a white bedsheet, two window screens, 4 thumb tacks, two paper clips, and a full spectrum lightbulb.

shadow box

It’s working pretty well to reduce glare, now I just need one clear shot where everything is in focus. The camera likes to focus on the glass dome and not the clock face inside it. I’m playing around with the manual settings on my camera, if I had the user manual this would probably be a really simple task… I just need one in focus shot, just one…


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