La Moelle

I’m really excited to show you one of the things that has been keeping me so busy recently! This is not a new vest pattern – in fact La Moelle was one of my very first indie designs.


But just about everything else here is new. New photos (of the same vest, that Bartlett yarn wears well!) new layout, fancy new layout software.

la moelle PDF preview

In the process of re-working the layout I realized there were a number of things about the pattern that could be better. Instead of counting stitches on decrease rows – why not use stitch markers?? So I got into re-writing the pattern, and re-wrote almost the whole thing. I even tweaked some of the numbers to improve the flow of the pattern and the fit of the bust short rows. Then I had the whole thing re-tech edited.

lamoelle side

I’m really enjoying my new layout software (Adobe Creative Suite, just like what the pros use!) and I’m excited to re-work all my old patterns into this shiny new layout. Along with this I’m also re-doing the way my patterns are displayed here. I now have a page for Indie designs and one for Published patterns. You can always get to those pages from the top menu. As I re-do the PDFs for these designs I’m setting up pages for each of them as well. So you can get more details about La Moelle, as well as see the shiny PDF previews for Dunkelipa, and Root Cellar.

As I re-do these patterns I’m trying to be really cognizant of the ways people use PDFs. I worked with my tech editor (and a bunch of friends, thanks guys!) to choose a font that worked well on screen and in print (turns out there’s a lot of personal preference to fonts, but I tried) I put all the necessary info for getting started right on the very front page (in case I ever sell hard copies!) I tried to leave enough white space for notes. For cables I provide charts and row-by-row directions. And I chose pattern graphics that are simple, should load and print quickly, and won’t take a ton of ink. I’m also trying to make these printer friendly. For instance, on La Moelle there are only photos on the first and last pages along with the pattern requirements and schematic. So if you’re knitting from a printed pattern you could actually just print the middle 3 pages.

Stay tuned, I have another La Moelle themed post coming later this week!


4 responses to “La Moelle

  1. ooh, the slippery slope of redoing all the patterns in Indesign!

  2. Becky-I so admire your attention to details and desire to make this whole adventure in the world of knitting perfect! But grounded in reality and user-friendliness. Just started knitting more again and am excited to check out your re-worked patterns! Keep up the good work!

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