A confluence of things is happening right now, making me think about all the ways that oil (the petroleum product, not the food ingredient) is, and isn’t, used in my life.

Saturday morning Neil turned on the hot water, only to have it run cold, and cold, and cold… Turns out sometime last week we ran out of oil. This happens to us every time. The “problem” is that we use so little of it. Well – that doesn’t seem like a problem to me. But to the delivery companies it is. Turns out no one will provide regular delivery service once a quarter. And since we go through about 100 gallons every 6 months it just Doesn’t Make Sense to have them drive to our house every month to top up the tank. I suppose we could try and pay more attention to when we’re running low, but so far it’s caught us by surprise every time. And so we call around to find some company to deliver another 100 gallons. But we’re hardcore (or cheap) and refuse to pay the emergency delivery fee, so sometimes it means waiting a few days for the oil*. After all it’s not really an emergency. Although due to lack of clean spoons I accidentally got schmaltz in my tea this morning. I suppose I could wash dishes in cold water…

On top of that my lovely little diesel jetta is taking a week at the spa (mechanic) as a result I’m driving either a pickup truck or a subaru – both get about 23mpg. The difference between 23mpg and 43mpg is really surprising on another level when I experience it this directly. I mean, sure diesel is more expensive, but I’ve done the math, and my little jetta is still saving an awful lot of money. It’s 12 miles to my bus stop. So in my jetta: 12 miles divided by 43mpg = 0.28 gallons of fuel. So even at $4.29 it only costs $1.19 to get there (and another 80 cents to get to work, that bus is a GREAT price)

In a subaru we have the same 12 miles divided by 23mpg = 0.52 gallons – almost twice as much! So even though gas is cheaper ($3.97) it costs $2.07 to get to the bus stop.

I miss my little car way more than I miss hot water…


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  1. I bet there is some kind of a doo-dad you could put on your oil tank that would alert you when it’s getting low. I know they make them for the propane gas grill tanks. I’ll check around . . .

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