What I’m wearing – green

I’ve seen this “what I’m wearing” thing on a few other blogs. At first I laughed at the idea, I have so little sense of fashion, why would anyone care what I’m wearing? Then I pondered it. After all, it’d give me a chance to look back on older knitting and sewing projects. I can tell you about the ways I mix-and-match a wardrobe that I suspect is smaller than average.* And it’d give you all a chance to laugh at how little fashion sense I have for someone who calls herself a “designer” Win-win-win, right?

wearing green

So today I’m wearing green. My Dulce sweater with a green camisole underneath and my green danskos. My dulce sweater really needs something under it when I wear it to work. And I was looking sadly at my green camisole because the V in the front is just as deep as the dulce V. BUT! Then I realized the back is a nice straight line…

tag what tag

Yup, I’m wearing it backwards under my sweater…

leaf necklace

Even my necklace is green. It’s a handmade little thing that I bought off a LJ raffle years and YEARS ago – as in, I’m not sure Etsy was even in existence at the time… The box says Butterfly Rose Creations on it, but the LJ hasn’t been updated since 2008 and the facebook group is stagnant since 2010. Too bad, because I’d buy another silver leaf necklace if I could find one…

*I heard on (I think it was NPR, one of their silly weekend shows, but still) that the average american has 7 pairs of jeans. I own 7 pairs of pants TOTAL: 4 work pairs, two pairs of jeans, and a set of capris.

4 responses to “What I’m wearing – green

  1. I never suspected you were an average american :-)

  2. You probably don’t even notice it anymore but LOOK AT ALL THE GREEN GRASS. Seriously envious over here in drought-land.

    • Oh I still notice! We’ve only had it for a few weeks. And the trees are still that neon-green color that comes before they settle into the deep green of summer.

      I look at these photos and think the color adjustment is off – but nope, that’s really what it looks like outside.

      The rainiest spring EVER on record is probably helping with the color-scheme…

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