Dear dogs,

Thank you for behaving when it matters most.

We all know that I love you even when you steal a dozen eggs off the counter and eat them all. I even love you when you roll in dead things and I have to give you a bath. And while it’s a real pain to have you run off for 20 minutes in the morning when I was PLANNING on taking a shower – I’m sure you have your reasons for that too.

But when we met our neighbors out for a walk in the field (the field that they own which we enjoy walking through I might add) you guys were perfect little angels. And I thank you for that.

Jake: I know the reason we got such good behavior from you is because there’s nothing you like more then having your face petted. We’re all really lucky that petting your face is exactly what the 11 year old girl wanted to do. I’m so glad you remembered your training and sat down in front of her instead of wiggling, or worse, jumping all over her.

Reggie: Your behavior with the 3 year old boy was stunning. I’ve always known you’re good around kids, but that performance should earn you an oscar. You didn’t back away when he pet your fur backwards. You stood completely still when he picked up your leash. But really, the best part was when you walked, slowly, right at his side the whole way back to their house. You didn’t pull on your leash, you didn’t lag behind, you didn’t try and escape. I think we both know which end of that leash was more competent in the walking department, but you absolutely convinced him that he was in charge of the walk. Well done!

In short, thanks for making us look like good dog owners. I will try and remember to pick up treats next time I’m at the store.

The one who feeds you

PS: could you please stop eating things off the counter? Or is that too much to ask?


2 responses to “Dear dogs,

  1. shall I bring you some eggs along with everything else?

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